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ENSEMBLE Expectation and Non-formal Skills

to Empower Migrants and

to Boost Local Economy

Federazione FARI

Federation FARI, founded in 2005 by a group of organizations engaged on the Italian territory, works on rural development, vocational training, social inclusion and employment, international cooperation.

Federation FARI’s values are based on:

- Promotion and enhancement of the "person" and its primacy over capital;
- Promotion of social, economic and cultural dimension and development in rural areas;
- Educational principles and the method of “sandwich courses”, as an experience-based learning model;
- Enhancement of the family in the social and educational backgrounds and of its participation in training pathways for young people;
- Coaching and support of the “person” to allow to make positive contributions to the community and to exercise full citizenship rights all over the world;
- Solidarity and international cooperation.
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