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ENSEMBLE Expectation and Non-formal Skills

to Empower Migrants and

to Boost Local Economy

Install'Toit Isatis

The activities are based on the recovery of furniture, household appliances, crockery, trinkets, decorative objects, toys and childcare materials for disposal.
The material deposited by the donors or collected by the team of the association is treated in the workshop, tested to ensure its proper functioning, then cleaned and reconditioned. What can not be valued is recycled. All the equipment is then sold at a low price in solidarity shop.

The aims of the service:

Supporting integration through employment and qualifications: More than just getting to work, in an adapted but demanding framework, we favor access to training and / or qualifications for people who are far from employment.
We provide individual and adapted support, which helps to remove the obstacles to employment.

Participating in the protection of the environment: Our actions are based on "short circuits", which reduce the ecological impact of waste treatment.

Develop activities of the Social and Solidarity Economy: And innovate in the fight against precariousness by proposing a commercial offer adapted to small budgets.
Provide support to social cohesion by reducing the economic divide and developing non-relocatable jobs.

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